77th Annual Daytona Bike Week March 9-18, 2018
26th Annual Biketoberfest October 18-21, 2018

Motorcycles as art? Why not? Just think of them as a moving sculpture on 2 wheels. Here in our area, today is the official beginning of Daytona Beach’s 75th Annual Bike Weeks. Fun, fun!

The first thing we hear around town is the sound. Some of us love it, some hate it. Then there’s the traffic. Once again, not something all locals love. However, I’ve found that sometimes getting stuck at a light during Bike Week is a fun viewing opportunity. That’s when I get to see some awesome rolling motorcycle art, and some of the bikes are absolutely jaw dropping. There is everything from tons of glittering custom chrome, sparkling designs and paint jobs and some bikes that are just wonderfully weird.

hamburger bike

Hamburger motorcycle

This is what I love about art. It really is everywhere and people express themselves in ways that are so imaginative. The custom made motorcycles are masterful in their design and for their aesthetics, combining beauty and utility. Graceful lines, speed and power. What’s not to like? I feel the same way about the antique motorcycles, too. It’s really a testament to great design and craftsmanship enduring over time.


Custom Motorcycle

The custom paint jobs I’ve seen are wildly imaginative and include every image under the sun. The artistry, creativity and attention to detail are all present on these bikes, and the artists who created them are as professional and talented as any so-called “serious artists” that we typically associate with traditional art museums and galleries. It must be quite challenging to create on a surface that is not flat with an airbrush. It’s a design you get one shot at getting just right for an anxious bike owner. No pressure there (yeah, right) and a whole lot of respect from me.


Dragon Motorcycle

If you like your museum to be loud, outdoors with maybe a side of coleslaw wrestling thrown in, then this is the week for you. I counted 15 bike show events happening over the next week, all over Volusia County. You can visit www.officialbikeweek.com to find out when and where they are happening.

Bye for now!

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